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These are your rights and obligations during the probationary period

After a long application process, the employer has finally made a decision, the employment contract has been signed and the first day of work is due. But the new job is not yet certain. Because at the beginning there is often the trial period . “The trial period is an instrument for employers and employees …


How to come to an agreement with (almost) everyone in five steps

In his new book “Happy Happy – How you can agree with (almost) everyone in just five steps”, Lars-Johan Åge shows how successful conflict resolution can be achieved and how it leads to greater satisfaction. Here is an exclusive excerpt from the introduction to the book: Five steps to happy-happy The success factors comprise five …

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Getting Things Done: With this method you will work more efficiently than ever before

When the daily demands get out of hand, the stress level increases. Just the professional deadlines and meetings that you have to keep an eye on put a lot of pressure on us. Then there is the private workload. So that everything doesn’t get over your head, thanks to the Getting Things Done system, all …


These errors in the trial period cost you the job

Almost every employment relationship begins with a trial period. According to the law, this may last up to six months, during which both parties can terminate the employment relationship with a short notice period and without giving reasons. The statutory protection against dismissal does not yet apply. Accordingly, you must first convince the employer that …


Expert tips: This is how your dream of a job abroad will come true

Make a career leap, polish up the rusty school language skills, shine with intercultural skills or simply a change of scenery: Anyone who moves abroad for a job or a project dares a special challenge. The stay is often an enriching time. But at the beginning the saying about other countries and other customs is …

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School friend or headhunter? Network successfully online

The email from a career portal is in the mailbox: «Martina Müller has given a new job title. Congratulations on her new position. ” Martina Müller? Who was that again? Quality instead of quantity XING, Stepstone, LinkedIn – career networks have been established in recent years. There, users can make professional contacts that will help …